3 weeks in Malaysia

We arrived into the hot and humid Kuala Lumpur in early January. We had booked an AirBnb at the Regalia which is known for it’s roof top pool and was a luxurious (but really reasonable) break from Hostel dorms and Guesthouses.


Ruby, Isaac’s sister, arrived on our second day and we made her walk around in the sweltering heat on 2 hours sleep! We decided that KL is not a walking city, the motorways, flyovers and lack of footpaths meant a half hour walk took less than 2 minutes in a cab.

From KL we travelled to Penang, getting a bus in Malaysia is stress free, the big bus stations have central counters where you can buy any bus ticket from any company, and the bus had huge comfy seats – we could get used to this Malaysian luxury!

We spent a few days in Georgetown, Penang, enjoying the street food, cafes, amazing Street art and a sweaty jungle trek through the national park to Turtle and Monkey beach. The Street Art is commissioned by the government to make Georgetown a more unique UNESCO heritage site.

Georgetown also has an abundance on museums, including “the upside down museum” we visited! (Worth every cent as you can see!)

From Penang it was a 3.5 hour ferry hop over to the island of Langkawi, where we enjoyed some beach time. The Monsoon in the east of Malaysia meant a lot of jellyfish over on our side, thankfully the second beach we stayed at was sheltered from the current, so we swam, hired kayaks and found a secret beach off the coast.

From here Ruby went to Koh Lipe (Thailand) and we returned to the mainland heading to the Cameron Highlands, where we hiked through clouds to a very grey view point! We also visited a tea plantation, strawberry farm and bee farm.

Our last stop in Malaysia was Taman Negara, meaning “national park”, it’s the jungle in the heart of the country, still home to wild tigers and elephants (although we didn’t manage to spot those!) You can easily walk unguided during the day but a guide for a night walk is really recommended, ours showed us everything from tree snakes, millipedes, bird eating spiders, deer and luminous scorpion!

From here it’s off to India for our final few months away!

Love Ella & Isaac x

Trekking in the Shan state

Before Christmas we trekked in Myanmar’s Shan state, from Kalaw to Inle Lake over 3 days. Starting in the small mountain town of Kalaw, the temperature was a bit colder than we’d been experiencing on the beach!

We explored rural Myanmar through villages and fields of chillis, walking around 15 to 20 km per day.

The first night we stayed in a village home stay and the second night in a Monastery.

We had amazing locally made food and some questionable home-made rice wine.

We had 2 lovely local guides Kayla and Nana from the local Pa-oh tribe, who taught us so much about local life, took us to meet their family and made sure we had ‘Thanaka’ on (the signature Burmese yellow face paint made from bark to protect from the sun and mosquitoes).


We were lucky to be trekking with the best group of people, who made each other laugh and got on very well (even when people were tired with blistered feet!) We both agreed this was one of the highlights of our Myanmar trip…